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He Health – A platform for men’s health

We launched “He Health” in 2019, an online healthcare platform dedicated to men’s health issues. Covering LGBTQ as well as the straight communities, it has promoted awareness of men’s health and HIV prevention to millions of users in China, and its services have gradually expanded from sexually transmitted diseases to the field of men’s everyday well-being.

For a long time, the healthcare needs of men have been overlooked, problems like insufficient privacy, limited drug purchasing channels, and limited awareness about sexual health keeps escalating.

Strived to break down the geographical and service barriers, He Health brings doctors and experts together to provide users with professional and convenient HIV virus prevention and consultation services, and offers male sexual health treatments, so that more patients can enjoy expert healthcare services easily.

Users can access He Health from Blued, official website and Wechat official account.



Internet Hospital

He Health Internet Hospital has obtained a medical institution practicing license and completed the registration of internet diagnosis and treatment activities in April 2021. As a licensed healthcare service provider, He Health officially launched its online consultation services in July 2021 with many doctors from China’s top hospitals available on the platform.


He Health provides easy access to timely and professional HIV screening, post-exposure prophylaxis (“PrEP”) and post-exposure prophylaxis (“PEP”) solutions. The PEP express delivery services are available to most big cities in China so far. Not just for LGBTQ users, those in need of medical advice regarding their PrEP and PEP plans, we provide online referrals to HIV specialists from recommended hospitals in China, which provide follow-up and one-on-one consultation services.

Men’s health

As an Internet healthcare service provider, He Health integrates Internet hospitals, offline chain pharmacies and drug treatments, as well as health management platforms focusing on HIV testing and prevention, sexual health, chronic disease management, and so on, aiming to provide users with convenient, private, friendly and professional solutions to their health issues.

Health Encyclopedia

We provide men’s health knowledge covering HIV, andrology and daily health care, regardless your being gay or straight. We also educate and engage our users, by running a forum through He Health, on which we regularly post feature articles and organize “Q&A” threads related to HIV prevention and men’s health.