BlueCity is an internet company providing a full suite of high quality services empowering a diverse group of people around the world.
Technology, innovation, diversity and public-interest are the key words of our brand. Empowered by technological innovation and international expansion, we hope to become a company where the community has a strong sense of belonging.
As a central hub of BlueCity's services and platforms, the Blued mobile app allows users to enjoy a full suite of professional services including social, live-streaming, health and family planning at their fingertips.
Founded in 2008, Danlan Public Interest has been providing public health services aiming at HIV prevention and the prevention of other sexually transmitted diseases.
He Health is a health service platform focused on men's health by providing friendly, convenient, professional and reliable online health services.
Bluedbaby is an overseas platform dedicated to providing personalized family planning services with several overseas entities in Hong Kong, the United States, etc. which have cooperated with professional overseas ART services partners.
Lesdo, a leading location-based social networking service provider targeting the lesbian community in China.
BlueCity Holdings Ltd. officially listed on Nasdaq under the stock code "BLCT"
In 2019, Danlan Public Interest Foundation was jointly established by BlueCity and the Chinese Foundation for Prevention of STD and AIDS.
In March 2019, BlueCity established He Health, a health service platform focused on men.