Blued Rolls out “Voice Chat Room” Function

Following overseas launch, all-new feature comes to China market

BEIJING, Feb. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BlueCity, a world-leading platform providing a full suite of services to foster connections and enhance the well-being of the LGBTQ community, today launched a voice chat room function on its Blued app in mainland China, allowing users to join engaging chat rooms based on language, friends and interests.

After trialing the voice chatroom feature in Japan and India during 2020, Blued has carried out internal testing and trials of this function in multiple cities across China since January this year, and related versions are currently being promoted. This also makes Blued the world’s first LGBTQ app to use a dedicated voice chat room function.

With the recent popularity in voice-based chatrooms, the chat room feature supports real-time audio conversations between multiple users, based on their interests and background. Users can choose to join a chat room of interest or create a new room by themselves and interact with friends who are online at the same time, which makes it ideal for users who love real-time voice chats and community-focused conversations.

The chat rooms are classified into a whole range of topics like love and friendships, emotional stories, specific interests, and entertainment, which can also better meet the diverse needs of the LGBTQ community in terms of themes and some members’ need for anonymity.

This is just one of the ways that Blued has been cultivating a stronger community atmosphere on its app, with the brand already introducing functions like hot topics, a mini theater, UGC-based short videos and more.

In addition, Blued in September 2020 launched its “Community” feature in China, allowing users to join groups covering diverse topics and better engage with like-minded community members. In November, Blued launched features such as photo verification in Latin America, as well as “Match”, a speed-dating function, across various global markets. These aim to create a safer and more reliable platform environment, as well as more efficient chats between users.

About BlueCity

BlueCity (NASDAQ: BLCT) is a world-leading online LGBTQ platform providing a full suite of services that foster connections and enhance the wellbeing of the LGBTQ community through its portfolio of brands. BlueCity’s mobile app Blued enables users to conveniently and safely connect with each other, express themselves and access professional health-related and family planning consulting services. Available in 13 languages, it has more than 58 million registered users worldwide and is the largest online LGBTQ community in China, India, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. BlueCity’s portfolio of brands also includes Finka, a leading gay social networking app for a younger generation in China, and LESDO, a leading lesbian social networking app in China.

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