Blued Expands Access to HIV Services with Innovative Digital Prevention Feature

Verified organizations will be integrated into the Blued app to enable seamless access to critical services

BEIJING, Nov. 30, 2021 — BlueCity (Nasdaq: BLCT), a world-leading LGBTQ platform that fosters connection and well-being, is integrating HIV prevention organizations into the international edition of its social networking app, Blued, as part of a landmark new feature ahead of World AIDS Day (Dec. 1, 2021).

Set to be officially launched by the end of the year, Blued’s digital HIV prevention feature will be amplified with BlueCity’s #BePositive campaign in several markets around the world. The launch will be followed by a joint report with UNAIDS on digitally-enabled HIV prevention in China.

“BlueCity has channeled significant efforts into building up our HIV awareness and prevention capabilities,” said Baoli Ma, founder, chairman and CEO of BlueCity. “By educating our global community, we hope to empower them with the knowledge and resources necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones. These initiatives have the power to change—and even save—lives.”

BlueCity pioneered the concept of digitally-enabled HIV prevention in 2008, by integrating online and offline resources to streamline access to HIV testing, counseling and treatment. Earlier this year, BlueCity began inviting organizations to register on Blued and provide critical HIV-related services to the app’s 6+ million monthly active users in 170 countries and regions around the world.

Organizations that are verified by Blued will receive in-app and social media support to provide their services within their region, boosting their visibility as well as awareness of preventative action. Users can directly contact these organizations to receive counseling, book appointments for HIV testing, access to PrEP and PEP and home kit deliveries, and more. Moreover, Blued will co-host HIV awareness sessions with these organizations via the app’s livestream feature. Interested organizations are welcome to apply to participate by filling out the form here.

In China, Blued has amassed a network comprising nearly 7,000 testing locations across the country. Blued users can easily find the resources in the app, and even make appointments directly with testing centers in over 30 Chinese cities, providing them with discrete, stress-free services during times of concern for their health.

To amplify this initiative, Blued will launch a dedicated campaign with the hashtag #BePositive on its app and social media platforms in South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Brazil and Mexico, to promote protected sex and regular HIV testing. Already, Blued has partnered with local governments and health institutions in markets, such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam to facilitate HIV testing, prevention and education. Providing direct access to health services represents the next chapter in Blued’s commitment to tackle HIV/AIDS.

In China, BlueCity will release a joint report with UNAIDS on digitally enabled HIV intervention. 2021 also marks the 9th consecutive year of An AIDS-Free Generation, a program spearheaded by BlueCity and the China Foundation for the Prevention of STD/AIDS (CFPSA), which provides support to HIV prevention initiatives in local communities. One such example is the Danlan Public Interest Fund, which received a grant from BlueCity in August 2019 to strengthen HIV prevention efforts among China’s youth and vulnerable populations.

BlueCity has long worked with partners across government, academia and industry to conduct research on HIV. Since 2016, BlueCity has co-published 22 research papers in renowned academic journals, including the Lancet Infectious Diseases. They seek to provide evidence-based suggestions for the implementation of HIV prevention initiatives around the world.


1. Verified organizations will receive a blue star on the top right corner of their profile photo and appear on Blued’s “Explore” page; 2. LoveYourSelf, seen here on Blued, is an NGO that provides HIV-related services in the Philippines; 3. Users can contact the HIV prevention resources listed directly via Blued.


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BlueCity (NASDAQ: BLCT) is a world-leading online LGBTQ community providing a comprehensive suite of services to foster connections and enhance the wellbeing of the global LGBTQ community. The company fulfills both the daily and lifelong needs of its members through a wide range of targeted and tailored services, including social networking, livestreaming and health-related services. With commitment to providing high-quality user experience, ensuring privacy protection, and promoting community health and well-being, BlueCity has captured the hearts and minds of LGBTQ people across the globe. Available in 13 languages, BlueCity’s mobile app Blued has connected more than 60 million registered users in about 170 countries and regions. According to Frost and Sullivan 2020, it is the largest online LGBTQ community in China, India, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam by MAUs.

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