BlueCity wins the WHO’s first-ever Western Pacific Innovation Challenge

Verified organizations will be integrated into the Blued app to enable seamless access to critical services

BEIJING, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BlueCity (Nasdaq: BLCT), a world-leading LGBTQ platform that provides a full suite of services aimed at fostering connection and enhancing the well-being of its global community, has been named a winner in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) first-ever Western Pacific Innovation Challenge: Innovation for the Future of Public Health, in the Disease Elimination and Control category. The initiative seeks to identify solutions that unlock greater health and well-being for more than 1.9 billion people across the 37 countries that make up the Asia Pacific region.

“BlueCity is thrilled to receive such recognition from the WHO, the world’s leading organization in the field of public health,” said Baoli Ma, founder, chairman, and CEO of BlueCity. “From day one, our overarching objective has been to bring members of the global LGBTQ community together in a way that puts wellbeing and safety first. We will continue to explore ways to innovate digital health and broaden access to critical resources, so that our community can gain the information and services they need, when they need it.”

Over 400 public health innovators participated in the WHO’s Western Pacific Innovation Challenge and 29 were awarded.

BlueCity was awarded for its Internet+ HIV interventions on Blued, its world-leading online LGBTQ+ community platform connecting over 60 million users across continents, which promote HIV services to men who have sex with men. BlueCity pioneered the concept of digitally-enabled HIV prevention in 2008 by integrating online and offline resources to streamline access to HIV testing, counseling, and treatment. Today, these online interventions include HIV risk assessments, health promotion, needs assessments, HIV counseling and testing, and PrEP/PEP services.

More than 170 non-governmental organizations provide HIV prevention and treatment education via Blued to users across most of China’s regions; the app also launched registration for similar organizations on its international edition earlier this year to bring this service offering to its global community.

“Blued, with support from the Chinese Center for Disease Control, has conducted research on virtual hotspot mapping and population size estimation for virtual key populations to better understand risk behaviors,” says Liang Zhao, Chief Risk Officer of BlueCity. “This understanding has enabled us to forge the services that we provide today, which seek to empower our users with the knowledge and resources necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones. Moving forward, we will continue to partner with institutions and non-profits to bring these important services to even more users.”

The winning solutions will be showcased at the 2022 Western Pacific Innovation Forum: Scaling for Impact event on April 28-29, which will bring together experts in public health, innovation, and policy from across the region.

About BlueCity
BlueCity (NASDAQ: BLCT) is a world-leading online LGBTQ community providing a comprehensive suite of services to foster connections and enhance the wellbeing of the global LGBTQ community. The company fulfills both the daily and lifelong needs of its members through a wide range of targeted and tailored services, including social networking, livestreaming and health-related services. With commitment to providing high-quality user experience, ensuring privacy protection, and promoting community health and well-being, BlueCity has captured the hearts and minds of LGBTQ people across the globe. Available in 13 languages, BlueCity’s mobile app Blued has connected more than 60 million registered users in about 170 countries and regions. According to Frost and Sullivan 2020, it is the largest online LGBTQ community in China, India, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam by MAUs.

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